With Diffgram, your Data Science team moves into a higher level control position of the Datasets. 

The system manages the data, including the Sync process between files. 

This makes the process non-blocking, and improves your time spent on the process by up to 3x.

And that's just for creating MVPs and beta products. 

When you get to production, most current setups look something like this.

Meaning even the best teams end up only shipping handfuls of models. Or investing heavily in recreating the wheel with infrastructure.

Introducing Diffgram

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Use Cases

  • Create, Update, And Maintain Datasets

  • Create Processes for working with Deep Learning systems

  • Compliance and Threat Actors

  • Launch faster, Control costs, Reduce engineering burden

  • Explore more

The Sync Engine - Patent Pending

  • Event driven data sync. Both at external boundaries and internal sets.

  • Create non-linear data flows on demand.

  • Dynamically manage complex scenarios, such as multiple sets relating to each other, or conditional relationships.

Runs on Your Hardware (or Hybrid Cloud)

  • Easy Setup with Docker

  • User Controllable Updates. Code Audits

  • Compatible with your cloud system and ML framework.

The Faster you Annotate the more you Need Diffgram

The faster your team completes the core set update loop, the more pressure there is to organize the data.

Controller Agnostic (User Interfaces & AI Assist)

  • Use Diffgram, Datasuar, Scale, Super Annotate, or Labelbox, 

  • Use with your existing or new in house Controller

  • Mix and match as needed - complimentary to your system

  • Automation: Pre-Label with your Model, Event Driven Updates
  • Support: Live Video Training, Detailed Docs

  • Security: SSO, SLO, Custom terms

Collaborate like never before!

  • Engage multiple stakeholders. Including multiple levels of expertise.

  • Deep linking to easily share exactly where you are.

  • Automatic task distribution and Quality Control functions

  • Achieve the highest quality training data.

  • Manage people, quality, and process all in one.

Best in Class Pre-Label Support

Every feature you need. 

Over 100 major features, here's a preview:

  • Core: Multiple Users, Role-Based Access Control, History of Activity, Multiple Permission Groups

  • Data: Event Driven Sync, Data Orchestration, Datasets, Relational Datasets, Create & Update Sets, Data Version Control and Training Data Management.

  • Tasks: Control Work, Work with Multiple Controllers

Trusted by Thousands.

  • Most referenced Training Data Software in literature (2020)

  • 100% YTD (2020) enterprise retention

  • Over 1,000 projects, and 1.5 million instances created on the shared platform

  • Users from top companies include EY, Google, Walmart Labs, and Amazon.

  • Visual Controller: Box (Object Detection), Polygons, Lines, Keypoints, Classification, Segmentation, Attributes (Nested, Multiple Select, Free Text)
  • Quality: Review Tasks, Performance Tracking, Consensus

  • Integrations & Extensions: Python SDK, API, Deep existing integrations with AWS, GCP and Azure.

Over 100 pages of Quality Documentation

  • Explains concepts - not just specifics

  • Many examples and references integrated directly into the application. 


  • Month to Month Contracts

  • Simple upfront all in pricing

  • Subscription based enterprise pricing.

Grow your Datasets with Diffgram

  • Create novel Datasets in Diffgram

  • Iterate on existing Datasets to grow them.

  • Create many interlinking Datasets

Enterprise Grade

  • Technical support where you need it, when you need it.

  • You own and control your data.

  • Dedicated point of contact with direct video support.

  • Integration and onboarding support.

  • Invoice billing.

Create a solution that fits your needs with an incrementally adoptable approach.



Software for human- powered data for thousands of use cases.


Go beyond buzzwords to an effective enduring solution.

Ready for the Singularity...

Just kidding... 

With Diffgram you will be ready for the AI of today and tomorrow.

With all the hype it can be hard to cut to what's important. Our focus is the fundamentals you need

Scale your AI efforts with our patent pending Sync Automation Engine.

Automation for AI


Your teams' home for great discussions around your training data.


One click integrations with your data.

Powerful support for high resolution and high frame rate videos. Easily work with long videos - Diffgram just handles it.


Go beyond limits - all of the tool types, including polygon and cuboid work in the video UI.

It's easy to get started with integrated video pre-processing.



High resolution images, geospatial, DICOM, and multi-modal image sets.

All spatial locations including cuboid, polygon, quadratic curves, points, and more.

Best in class Attribute system with flexible easy to use attribute grouping.


Simple text labeling for misinformation detection, contract summarization & understanding. 

Product review and analysis, customer service call transcripts, receipt & invoice understanding.

 Choose from open source and commercial interfaces including a deep integration with

Easily get outsourcing with one click. 

Scale is a AI/ML data labeling platform powered by a distributed workforce of 2M+ workers. Fully managed.

Compare to Appen, IBM Data Talent, & CloudFactory. 

Label data with internal and external teams simultaneously. 

Review annotations collaboratively. Keep track of activity and progress. Built for enterprise. Used by start-ups. Start labeling instantly. Retain control of data. Robust data compliance. 

Datasaur builds a data labeling workforce management platform for NLP. 

Datasaur builds intelligent, optimized, human-centric data labeling tools.

Flexible User Interface Options

Use ours. Open source. Commercial. 

Diffgram is your central AI/ML hub with deep integrations into other supervision options. Effortlessly combine multiple interfaces, service providers, and supervision strategies.

Use your existing interfaces and connect your database.

Take a deep dive into individual performance. Understand your datasets. Or zoom out to the 10,000 foot view. It's all up to you with our powerful reporting system.

Unlike others, who just provide a static one-size-fits all approach, with Diffgram you can customize your reporting to your hearts content!

Easily setup custom notifications for when team members upload data, when tasks are complete, datasets are ready, and more.

Build your long-term solution with powerful callbacks.

More coming soon including SuperAnnotate, Lightly, and more

More Meaning 

Radio buttons. Multiple select. Date pickers. Sliders. Conditional logic. 

So much focus is put on the spatial location. Yet the "Meaning" has many more degrees of freedom.

Central Reference for Multiple Teams  

Engage business stakeholders from day one. Get everyone on the same page with the latest schema definitions and data.

Incrementally adoptable with multiple upstream and downstream teams.

Instant visual clarity on process flow.

Data Labeling Software for Machine Learning

To manage all this, your team is likely doing a lot of "Extract Transform Load" operations. 

And managing sets with: "set_with_labels_good_one" and "good_one_really_this_time___v2"

Or writing a ton of one-off scripts.

Here's why: The process of creating datasets gets blocked by default. As shown above, each clock represents a stage in which a user often must wait for other users, or other processes to finish before continuing.

Further, Teams create many sets. So after weeks of work the process repeats:

This is because the needed abstractions (such as various Templates) only become known through an iterative process as shown above. 

Often many iterations are needed before shipping, and ongoing usage of the system requires further iterations to be effective.

91% of teams take > 3 weeks to create their first dataset. 

And months to get to Beta.

Open Source AI Data Platform

Quality Training Data for Enterprise

Core Platform Features

 Quality Training Data

Spatial Tools

Quadratic Curves, Cuboids, Segmentation, Box, Polygons, Lines, Keypoints, Classification Tags, and More

Use the exact spatial tool you need. All tools are easy to use, fully editable, and powerful ways to represent your data. All tools are available in Video.

Turbo Mode

Auto Bordering

And More!

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Attribute Tools

More Meaning. More degrees of freedom through:
Radio buttons. Multiple select. Date pickers. Sliders. Conditional logic. Directional Vectors. And more! 

You can capture complex knowledge and encode it into your AI.