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What is Diffgram

Diffgram is your source of Pro Human Supervision for training and validation data.

Our network of professionals in named occupations are ready for your complex AI projects.

Why Supervise with Diffgram

End to End

Fully managed. Operational superiority for high variation and rapid change in annotation requirements. Raw data in annotations out.

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Your entire Training Data stack.

Many data upload options and automated task platform. Get started in minutes.

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Easily handle variable supervision needs. Scale multiple large data pipelines. From small one off projects to production.

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  • Rates based on the skill level of the Pros and time spent.

  • Get an upfront quote before work starts

How to sign up

  • Create an account

  • Upload data and define your work

  • Work is fully managed by Diffgram

  • Export data labeled by pros

How it works

Data by Pros in Specific Occupations


How does Diffgram Pros work?

Define your AI task. Diffgram assigns Pros with the relevant experience based on your requirements. You can monitor the progress from the UI or SDK and export the upgraded data on demand or in batches.

Where is Diffgram available?

Worldwide. You can restrict Pros by occupation and geographic regions.

How long does it take to get started with Diffgram?

The signup process is a few minutes. After, it'll take a few weeks to get your account fully activated.

How is this different from outsourcing firms?

It's a technology backed process with a unique network of Pros. Pros are real, named people. You can choose requirements like what occupation, degree, and other credentials your Pros have.

1) Restrictions Apply

Transportation and Material Moving
Sales and Related
Protective Service
Personal Care and Service
Office and Administrative Support

Military Specific
Life, Physical, and Social Science
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
Healthcare Support
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical
Food Preparation and Serving Related
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry 

Educational Instruction and Library
Construction and Extraction
Computer and Mathematical
Community and Social Service
Business and Financial Operations
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media
Architecture and Engineering

First 5 tasks free.1

After sending us your data using the UI or API, through both Pro human work, intelligent tools, and automated process, Diffgram returns scalable, accurate Pro ground truth data.

More value built-in

Get all the regular benefits of using Diffgram, such as:

  • Central Reference for Multiple Teams
  • Incrementally adoptable approach with dataset management.
  • Reporting, Notifications, Webhooks & Integrations